Rochdale Dog Rescue
Rescuing Dogs From Death Row
...To Find Loving Homes

Rochdale Dog Rescue works every week to find responsible rescue places for dogs in a Northern Pound in the UK that are due to be put to sleep if not claimed after 7 days.

The pound that we work with are one of the few pounds that are willing to work closely with us as a rescue. They too work hard to save these dogs from being put to sleep by providing Rochdale Dog Rescue with photographs, information about the dogs and constant updates.

Few people realise that many healthy dogs, through no fault of their own, are being destroyed if not claimed within the week.

The pound dogs come in all shapes and sizes, ages and breeds. Some dogs are abandoned pets that once belonged to somebody, some are strays and some are simply signed over to the pound by their owner.

The only certainty for these dogs is that they need our help!

We work hard each week at Rochdale Dog Rescue to find placements for these dogs whose lives are literally in our hands.

Stray pound dogs must serve 7 days in which they may be reclaimed by their owners. Some dogs however are 'signed over' by their owner to the pound in which case the dog can then be taken out of the pound at any time within the 7 days by a rescue.


We regularly post details of the dogs that need to find rescue places. Please let us know of any reputable rescues in your area that might be able to help.

Please see our URGENT DOGS page for details of more dogs.


Sometimes, especially during peak holiday times, it is extremely difficult to find a rescue space for a dog before its 7 days are up. Or we may have a rescue space promised, but are unable to organise the transport. In these situations we have to use emergency boarding kennels, while work continues to get the dog to safety.
Emergency kenneling is a true lifesaver for these dogs but the kennels cost £5-8 per day per dog, and we often have to appeal for help with donations when our funds are running low.

Please see our HELP A POUNDIE page for more details, and to find out how you can help.


Occasionally Rochdale Dog Rescue are able to place a desperate pound dog running out of time with an experienced dog fosterer, or we are asked to help rehome a dog from its current home.

Please see our FOSTERING page for further information. Or take a look at our WE NEED A HOME page to see dogs currently seeking new homes with our help


All of the dogs we move from pound to rescue are transported by volunteer drivers, who give up their time and energy to ensure a dog reaches safety. We are always keen to hear from new volunteers.

Please see our TRANSPORT page for further information.

You will find answers to many of the most regularly asked questions on our FAQs page; please check this to see if your question has already been answered. If after reading this you wish to contact us, you can do this via the CONTACT US page.

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