Rehoming a dog from Rochdale Dog Rescue

Information on our Dogs and Assessment

Homes are needed for the dogs who have been signed into our care.  The dogs come to us in a number of ways, including from the stray dog kennels where they may have been in a put to sleep situation, dogs signed over to the dog wardens where there owners can no longer keep them, via another rescue organisation or where we have been contacted by a member of the public asking for help to rehome their dog following a change in work or marriage circumstances, ill-health, the death of an owner or financial difficulties.

Once a dog arrives into our care, their assessment process begins based on any information received from the Stray Dog Kennels, transporters and previous owners if relevant.   The assessment can take a couple of weeks as we get to know each dog and build information on which type of home may suit the dog best.  Some dogs are able to go into a foster home where we can learn about what they are like in a home environment and others will need to be assessed from the kennel environment.

The dogs will also be seen by our vets for their vaccinations, neutering and to check out any health concerns that we have.

We can take rehoming applications for dogs during this time but the assessment process is ongoing and the dog may not be ready to go home for a few weeks after this.

Applying to Rehome a dog and Guidelines

If you are interested in rehoming a dog please read through our rehoming guidelines before completing a rehoming application form below.

Please note that Rochdale Dog Rescue does not generally rehome to homes where there are children under 10 years of age.  Many of our dogs come with little or no history, and we do not have the facilities to safely test the dogs with young children in a home environment so feel it more prudent to have an older age limit for children.   

We also need to ensure that if you do not own your own property the landlord has given their permission for a dog and any garden you have is fully enclosed and secure.   

Any dogs we rehome should not  be left 'home alone' all day - we base this on total hours left in the day.  We do rehome where family members are at work but need to ensure its the right dog for the family and a good provision/ routine is in place... again we do not know what many of our dogs are like home alone for long periods.

Other dogs you have need to be neutered and also be able to travel to our kennels to meet their new family member.  We will update if we know the dog could potentially live with cats, if not this is something that we unfortunately cannot test at kennels.

We rehome within an approximate 100 mile radius of our base (but if you are close to this then please do ask us).   Families need to be able to visit to meet the dog and then if all goes well undertake the adoption on another occasion.

If you think you could offer any of the dogs a loving home then please complete our Rehoming Enquiry Form in the first instance.

Rehoming Process

 Once we have received your rehoming enquiry form we will email you back with some more information on the rehoming process and then confirm if you would like to have a more detailed chat.

Once we have had a more detailed chat then a home check would be arranged to come and visit you in person and to see where the dog will be living.

The next step is for all the family members to be able to come and meet the dogs either at the kennels or in their foster home.  

If all goes well we can then arrange a time for the adoption and for your new family member to come home

All the dogs in our care are neutered, (at six months if they are too young at adoption time), vaccinated and microchipped.   We offer a lifetime support for all our dogs and love to get updates of the dogs in their new homes!