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Rochdale Dog Rescue work to prevent dogs at Stray Dog Kennels being put to sleep after 7 days if not reclaimed by their owners.

We work closely with a council contracted Stray Holding Kennels who provide us with photographs and essential information about the dogs coming in to their care so that we can during those 7 days ensure we have enough funds and space to bring those dogs who are not claimed into our care or find them a place with one of the other rescues we work closely with. We are often contacted by other Stray Dog Kennels with dogs at risk of being put to sleep and will help out by offering a safe place with ourselves where we can.

Few people realise that many healthy dogs, through no fault of their own, are being destroyed if not claimed within the week.


Unfortunately the number of Bull Breed type dogs that we have to board are a massive drain on our resources and we are struggling to find the funds for Emergency Boarding.

Funding Emergency Boarding is only possible through your donations, and we desperately need to find rescue spaces or funds to ensure the safety of dogs arriving at the Stray Kennels daily.

If you can help with a donation or would like to make a regular monthly donation please use our Paypal link below or via the Help a Poundie page which has more details.

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The following dogs are currently at the Stray Dog Kennels and need Rescue Places

The following dogs are currently at the Stray Dog Kennels where they will need to stay for 7 days to allow their owner to claim them.

They cannot leave before the stated put to sleep date.

Unfortunately, the majority of dogs are not claimed so we have to find a safe place for these dogs within 7 days otherwise they are at risk of being put to sleep.

We DO NOT rehome stray dogs directly to the public, but can provide more details on these dogs should they move to another rescue or be signed over into our care.

There are currently no dogs in the stray kennels.

The following dogs are now safe in the care of Rochdale Dog Rescue.

The dogs featured below are now safe in the care of Rochdale Dog Rescue. Once a dog arrives into our care they will be assessed, health checked, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. These dogs are available for rehoming; some of the more recently arrived dogs may be undergoing assessment still.

Please note that Rochdale Dog Rescue does not rehome to homes where there are children under 10 years of age.

We also need to ensure that if you do not own your own property the landlord has given their permission for a dog and any garden you have is fully enclosed and secure. We also need to make sure any dogs we rehome are not left 'home alone' all day and lastly that any other dogs you have are neutered.

We rehome within an approximate 100 mile radius of our base (but if you are close to this then please do ask us).

If you think you could offer any of the dogs a loving home then please complete our Rehoming Enquiry Form in the first instance.

No. 4619: KAYA  (Spayed, Fully Vaccinated & Microchipped)
Kaya is in permanent foster.
American Bulldog, female, approximately 8 years old. She is white and she is medium to large in size. She is underweight, her claws are very long and she has many lumps of varying sizes; some of these are probably malignant so, in consultation with the vet, she has been spayed to stop hormonal changes. She is in permanent foster. Kaya is a lovely, friendly girl who is fine with other dogs although she needs to be an only dog in the home due to her being possessive and 'a bit of a bossy madam'. "Kaya is a complete sweetheart, she's so much fun and absolutely loves jumping around being silly. She often acts like a puppy, bless her. I decided to have a little run with her in the shade, which she enjoyed. After the 4th lap I was completely done in, so stopped and cuddled her instead! Her future doesn't look great but she really loves life right now and very much deserves a chance to enjoy the time she has left."

Thank you to some very kind and caring people we have been able to help Kaya! She was moved to emergency boarding on Wednesday 29th May 2019 and to foster on Sunday 20th October 2019. 


No. 4648: MOLLY (First Vaccinated & Microchipped) 
Molly needs a new home.
Cockerpoo, female, born 17th March 2016. She is is black,  she has a curly coat and she is small in size. Molly has been signed over to the care of RDR; she is currently in emergency foster with other dogs, cats and older children. "Molly is a really lovely dog and has lots of potential. We know only a little about Molly’s history so it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle as we try to help her move on from what she displays in her current behaviours - she’s obviously had a confusing time. 

My fear for Molly is that people will apply for her as the cute fluffy little cockerpoo she is without having the experience and patience she needs. For that reason I am committed to working with her as long as it takes while RDR find her a home to match her needs - we are in no rush to move her as she is benefiting from being with us. 

On collecting Molly after her stint in kennels she was hyper and excited to see me, jumping up clawing with all the enthusiasm a little dog could muster. She went in my van with no issues and travelled quietly to my dog field. To be fostered here dogs have to mix well with others  - the alternative is a kennel where we have limited insight as to their needs in a home. I brought her out and she met a couple of my well balanced dogs - she has been used for breeding - I’d guess at least two litters - she was reserved at first with my dogs but then came out of her shell and had a potter around not really fussed about the others. I then took her in to my home - she saw my cats asleep on their beds and after an intense sniff she got a clawless warning swipe and took the warning well - backed off and is respectful of them now. She has been great with my dogs from a tiny grumpy chihuahua to a huge clumsy shepherd and 6 others in between - she has no issues with dogs apart from rightly so after being used as a puppy mill, she’s not into having her bottom overly sniffed. 

She is great with my two children aged 12 & 15 years - a little over enthusiastic she almost cries with excitement at their return from school. She has shown no issues at being handled by them although I think she would be too much with small kids until she’s learned not to jump and scratch to greet. 

Molly is super bright - she learns quickly and is food motivated. I have a feeling she would be a counter surfer and a bin raider given the chance but we are very dog savvy here & keep everything out of reach or locked away.

There are lots of positives and she really is adorable - however she is very very clingy to her humans and I don’t feel that never leaving her is healthy or the answer so whoever adopts her needs to be willing to work on this and possibly work through some disruptions to their routine. I have started with basic boundary training. I have a half / stable door on my kitchen where she has been sleeping - initially she protested with lots of clawing and digging at the door and squealing. If you are not experienced or willing to work with this type of behaviour please do not apply - it takes routine / consistency & lots of patience - we are transparent about what she does to find the right home - we don’t want her coming back after bonding and ending up more confused than she is. 
I don’t allow her to follow me freely around the house because she needs to learn to be alone for short periods for her own sake as well as new owners, I also don’t want her over bonding with me as it’s not fair on her - she is doing really well but will no doubt start again when moved for a short period so needs an owner who will work with her. 
We are making progress in leaps and bounds and she’s having lots of exercise - She is loving an active routine - she’s out at 8.30am - she hasn’t been lead trained - she pulls a lot and has stamina so needs work - I feel she’s working cocker / poodle mix rather than show cocker.  I feel she will be fine off her lead where appropriate from what I have seen and will try her in due course. She doesn’t appear prey driven. We are out again at 1.30pm and another walk at 9pm / this isn’t set in stone & can be adapted to fit new owners lifestyle but I do think she needs regular walks - not necessarily long but to break the day up. It’s definitely helping her settle here. 

She will then go in the kitchen while I nip out to walk other dogs but will do a short protest scramble at the door as I leave - I watch her on my doggy camera and she stops scratching and crying and paces a while before settling on a bed but she is still alert waiting for me to return rather than resting. It’s early days and we are making progress - I would like her to settle when I am out but it’s early days and she doesn’t know the home yet / also she had had a few owners and they have left her so she doesn’t know that I won’t always come back - she has partly separation anxiety but a lot of it has been lack of routine & boundaries for a high energy dog which has formed habits -  but I think in the right home she will settle into a loyal companion. She will have odd accidents if the door is closed but mostly clean. 
I think that Molly is desperate to bond deeply with a family - she would suit an active retired person or couple or an active family with kids over 10 - she won’t want to be left for long periods - I think she will eventually be ok for a few hours with restricted boundaries as long as she has her morning walk & routine. 

We can offer advice on how to help Molly settle but please only apply for her if you have experienced a dog with separation issues - I think she will overcome them quickly with the right owner but the wrong home will exasperate any anxiety. She isn’t destructive or overly vocal."

Thank you to some very kind and caring people we have been able to help Molly! She was moved to emergency boarding on Sunday 20th October 2019 and to emergency foster on Thursday 31st October 2019. She needs a new home as soon as possible.

No. 4649: LEXI (First Vaccinated)
Lexi needs a new home.
Shar Pei, female, approximately 4 years old. She is light tan and she is small to medium in size. Lexi is a sweet girl who seems good with other dogs; she was living in a garden with another dog. "She's very friendly, a bit nervous of the big wide world but getting used to it quickly."

You will find full details of this dog in their album on Facebook in the photo's section.

If you are interested in offering Lexi a forever home please apply here:

All our dogs are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, flea & worm treated before homing.

Thank you to some very kind and caring people we have been able to help Lexi! She was moved to emergency boarding on Friday 1st November 2019. She needs a new home as soon as possible.

No. 4650: SHADOW (First Vaccinated)
Shadow needs a new home.
Cross Breed, male, approximately 6-7 months old. His colour is blue grey/brown mix, he has a wiry coat and he is currently medium in size. He is currently in emergency foster with other dogs. "Shadow is sooooo cute, everyone comments on him. I think it’s his lovely wire hair and nose fuzz that make him so irresistible. He’s a lovely pup to be out and about with, follows, stays close and plays nicely. He doesn’t seem to have had much in the way of formal training so he’s started learning sit, down etc. In the house he can be a thief and also doesn’t like being separated from you. This is something a new owner would need to be willing to work with. It’s his only issue we have found so far but it’s one that has most likely come from having his own way all the time. He’s coming along nicely here and making good progress though. When he is settled he will lie down and relax happily. He travels well and is a good eater."  He needs a home where he will receive further training and plenty of exercise, where new owners are prepared to work with his separation anxiety and thieving, one that has has no cats and high fences are essential.

You will find full details of this dog in their album on Facebook in the photo's section.

If you are interested in offering Shadow a forever home please apply here:

All our dogs are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, flea & worm treated before homing.

Thank you to some very kind and caring people we have been able to help Shadow! He was moved to emergency foster on Tuesday 12th November 2019. He needs a new home as soon as possible.

The following dogs have rescue places if not claimed or have a new home ...

The following dogs will be moving into the care of another rescue if not reclaimed or are now reserved and will soon be going to their new home.

No. 4647: FYDO (Fully Vaccinated & Microchipped) 
RESERVED: Fydo has a new home.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier Cross, male, approximately 12 months old. He is red brindle, he has a smooth coat and he is very small in size. Fydo has been signed over to the care of RDR; he is currently in emergency foster with other dogs, cats and older children. "He looks like a mini fox, and he walked nicely at a smart pace. He pulled initially when cars passed but soon settled and enjoyed smelling the plants. He was interested to meet passing people and their dogs but behaved well. He enjoyed biscuits and took them gently. He happily jumped on my lap for cuddles when we stopped for photos and a biscuit. Gorgeous wee boy".

Currently in emergency foster he will be going to his new home soon. 

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