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Rochdale Dog Rescue work to prevent dogs at Stray Dog Kennels being put to sleep after 7 days if not reclaimed by their owners.

We work closely with a council contracted Stray Holding Kennels who provide us with photographs and essential information about the dogs coming in to their care so that we can during those 7 days ensure we have enough funds and space to bring those dogs who are not claimed into our care or find them a place with one of the other rescues we work closely with. We are often contacted by other Stray Dog Kennels with dogs at risk of being put to sleep and will help out by offering a safe place with ourselves where we can.

Few people realise that many healthy dogs, through no fault of their own, are being destroyed if not claimed within the week.


Unfortunately the number of Bull Breed type dogs that we have to board are a massive drain on our resources and we are struggling to find the funds for Emergency Boarding.

Funding Emergency Boarding is only possible through your donations, and we desperately need to find rescue spaces or funds to ensure the safety of dogs arriving at the Stray Kennels daily.

If you can help with a donation or would like to make a regular monthly donation please use our Paypal link below or via the Help a Poundie page which has more details.

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The following dogs are currently at the Stray Dog Kennels and need Rescue Places

The following dogs are currently at the Stray Dog Kennels where they will need to stay for 7 days to allow their owner to claim them.

They cannot leave before the stated put to sleep date.

Unfortunately, the majority of dogs are not claimed so we have to find a safe place for these dogs within 7 days otherwise they are at risk of being put to sleep.

We DO NOT rehome stray dogs directly to the public, but can provide more details on these dogs should they move to another rescue or be signed over into our care.

No. 4438: BRUNO 
Bruno needs a rescue space.
Mastiff, male, approximately 5-6 years old. He is dark brindle with a white flash on his chest and white toes and he is large in size. Bruno is a friendly and steady boy.

Without the help of RDR he would be at risk of being put to sleep on Wednesday 25th January 2017. If he is not claimed a rescue space will be found for him or the funds for emergency boarding. 

No. 4440: TIZZY (Spayed, Fully Vaccinated & Microchipped) 
Tizzy needs a rescue space.
Cross Breed, female, approximately 10 years old. She is black and tan and she is medium in size. Her left ear is closed and has had the ear canal removed, her right ear is infected, she has had previous problems as the skin around the ear is  thickened and scaly. Her general health and mobility is good for her age. Tizzy is a friendly and steady girl.

Without the help of RDR she would be at risk of being put to sleep on Monday 23rd January 2017. If she is not claimed a rescue space will be found for her or the funds for emergency boarding.

The following dogs are now safe in the care of Rochdale Dog Rescue.

The dogs featured below are now safe in the care of Rochdale Dog Rescue. Once a dog arrives into our care they will be assessed, health checked, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. These dogs are available for rehoming; some of the more recently arrived dogs may be undergoing assessment still.

Please note that Rochdale Dog Rescue does not rehome to homes where there are children under 10 years of age.

We also need to ensure that if you do not own your own property the landlord has given their permission for a dog and any garden you have is fully enclosed and secure. We also need to make sure any dogs we rehome are not left 'home alone' all day and lastly that any other dogs you have are neutered.

We rehome within an approximate 100 mile radius of our base (but if you are close to this then please do ask us).

If you think you could offer any of the dogs a loving home then please complete our Rehoming Enquiry Form in the first instance.

No. 4175: PETAL  (Spayed, Fully Vaccinated & Microchipped)  
Petal needs a new home.
Boxer/SBT Cross, female, approximately 4 years old, She is brindle with white on her face, neck, chest and front toes and she is medium in size.  Petal is a nice natured and steady girl; she is a gentle and loving girl who knows basic commands and enjoys playing fetch. Petal is good with other dogs and could live with another dog. "Took Petal out for a group walk with Reg, Max and Twinkle.  It was the first time I had met any of the dogs and all dogs were wagging their tails and happy to see us when they were brought out of their kennels... She was happy to be stroked and cuddled by someone she had never met before.  She pulled hard on her lead at first...  I am only 5'2" in height and found that I could quite easily manage her on her lead walk.  With lots of walks and training, her lead walking can only get better.  She would make a great companion for someone."
If you would like to see more of Petal Click Here for her photo album. 

Thank you to some very kind and caring people we have been able to save Petal! She was moved to emergency boarding on Tuesday 27th October 2015. She needs a new home as soon as possible.

No. 4428: MAXI (Neutered, Fully Vaccinated & Microchipped)
Maxi needs a new home.
Cross Breed, male, approximately 12 months old. He is tan with a white chest and a black mask, he has a smooth coat and he is a small medium size. Maxi is a very friendly boy who can be excitable but settles down, he is housetrained and he takes treats gently. He seems Ok with other dogs. 

If you would like to see more of young Maxi click here for his photo album.

Thank you to some very kind and caring people we have been able to save Maxi! He was moved to emergency boarding on Monday 28th November 2016. He needs a new home as soon as possible.


No. 4435: BAILEY (Neutered, Fully Vaccinated & Microchipped)  
Bailey needs a new home.
Beagle, male, approximately 9 months old. He is tri-coloured and he is small to medium in size. He has been signed over to our care due to a change in his owner's circumstances; he is currently in emergency foster. Bailey is a bright, energetic boy who needs a very experienced Beagle home. He is good with other dogs, excellent on the lead and enjoys training and agility. He suffers from separation anxiety, so someone around most of the time is a must. He also has some resource guarding which we are working on with our behaviourist; his foster family are finding it easy to manage but he will need ongoing training - because of this we are looking for an adult only home. As stated, Bailey is looking for a very experienced Beagle owner with an active lifestyle and who is prepared to continue with his training.

If you would like to see more of fun Bailey click here for his photo album.

Thank you to some very kind and caring people we have been able to help Bailey! He was moved to emergency foster 
on Saturday 31st December 2016. He needs a new home as soon as possible.

No. 4436: CHARLIE (Neutered, Fully Vaccinated & Microchipped)  
Charlie needs a new home.
Border Collie, male, approximately 12 months old. He is tricoloured, he has a semi coat and he is medium in size. He has been signed over to our care; he is currently in emergency foster with other dogs. Charlie is a lovely, friendly boy who has lived with other dogs, cats and children and been fine with all. He loves to play ball! He needs an energetic home, preferably with collie experience. "...gets on great with all other dogs and is very good off lead. Has a great recall and always stays close by and keeps an eye on what you are doing. He's a really good eater, sleeps well and would be fine to be left for reasonable periods".

Thank you to some very kind and caring people we have been able to help Charlie! He was moved to emergency foster on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. He needs a new home as soon as possible.

The following dogs are being privately rehomed

These dogs Rochdale Dog Rescue are helping their owners to rehome privately.  They have not been signed over into our care and have not been assessed by ourselves or will not have our lifetime support or backup.  We will chat to prospective homes and home-check on behalf of their owners but any rehoming agreement after this will be arranged between the current owners and prospective home.

There are currently no dogs we are helping to be privately rehomed.

The following dogs have rescue places if not claimed or have a new home ...

The following dogs will be moving into the care of another rescue if not reclaimed or are now reserved and will soon be going to their new home.

No. 4434: BRYSON (Neutered, Fully Vaccinated & Microchipped)  
RESERVED: Bryson has a new home.
Bulldog Cross, male, approximately 3 years old. He is white with a black patch on his right ear and he is medium in size. Bryson is a good natured, friendly boy who is strong on the lead initially but fairly steady. He takes treats gently, knows basic commands and he seems fine with other dogs; "...he's a big soft guy". 

Currently in emergency boarding he will be going to his new home soon.

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