Quato's Appeal

Quato needs a Foster Home or Rescue Space

Image: QuatoPlease meet Quato, a gorgeous older Akita who has now come into the care of Rochdale Dog Rescue after his owners never came to collect him from the pound.

When Quato arrived at the pound it was soon noticed that he had something wrong with his forelegs - he appeared not to be able to bend his front legs, walking with them poker straight and splaying his legs to eat and drink. He could bend them when he curled up to sleep.

Quato went straight to our vets on his way to our emergency boarding kennels so that we could get a diagnosis and more importantly get him feeling a bit better. The vets gave him a thorough examination and concluded that severe arthritis was the cause of his discomfort. He now has some medication to help him feel better and will recieve all the vet care he needs.

Image: Quato As you can see his legs look painful but despite this Quato is a really gentle and calm boy, a big teddy bear who is affectionate and likes to share a lick and kiss.

We don't know how long Quato was out on the streets without any medications, or even if his previous owners were giving him the vet care he needs - but now he is in our care we want the best for him!

We have a wonderful team at our emergency boarding but I think you will agree that kennels is no place for a dog like Quato - his condition would really improve if he was in a nice warm dry house with a big soft bed and maybe even a fire to keep him cosy...

Image: QuatoThats why we are looking for a foster home for Quato, or a special rescue place where he can go into a foster home under another rescues care.

Quato appears to be good with other dogs and has been fine with older children and is a real soft boy who just wants some home comforts to make him feel better. If he is fostered through Rochdale Dog Rescue we are looking for a home within reasonable travelling distance of our vets in Rochdale and any children in the home do need to be aged over 7 years.

If you think you can help Quato, please contact Emma on 07799 777422 or Contact Us.

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