Song for Dogs

Charity Fundraising Song in aid of Pound Dogs

Our nation’s dogs are being destroyed in pounds at the rate of one dog per hour, every day. This is happening simply because there is not enough space. We cannnot let this go on any longer.

Image: You Could Save Me

‘You Could Save Me’ is a song that was written by Cathy & Anthony Lane of Once Loved Dog Rescue (and co-written and produced by The Next Room Studios ) to raise awareness and funds for dogs on death row. All proceeds from downloads will go directly to rescues who save their lives.

Please download the song and share this campaign with everyone you know.

It is now up to us to be their voice. Together, we can make a difference.



All proceeds from downloads of the song will go directly to the following rescues who save the lives of death row dogs in the UK:

Rochdale Dog Rescue
Doris Banham Dog Rescue
Rescue Remedies
New Hope Animal Rescue
Animals In Need
Once Loved Dog Rescue

We thank Cathy and Anthony from Once Loved Dog rescue for organising this and for considering us as one of the rescues to help ... every penny raised helps us to save more dogs from death row and keep them safe....

Update and further information:

The song and video is a way of presenting the situation with death row dogs in this country, to raise awareness and funds for those rescues who take dogs directly from pounds and save their lives. the song and video needed a website as a platform. Re the beneficiaries, some are registered charities, some are not, but all of them are excellent and reputable rescues, any one of them can be checked by anyone who would like more information.

Registered charity beneficiaries are: Doris Banham Dog Rescue, charity number: 1103372
Animals in Need charity number: 1068222
Rescue Remedies charity number: 1139407

Unregistered beneficiaries: Rochdale Dog Rescue
New Hope Animal Rescue
Once Loved Dog Rescue

There is also donation history via paypal. This is available to anyone who would like to see it. There is also email and paypal proof of fund transfer to the rescue beneficiaries. Paypal is needed in order to download the song. We hope that when the campaign expands, we will be able to make the song and video available as a CD/DVD. We also hope to add more rescues to our beneficiaries list as the campaign grows.

We have been contacted by a video production company who would like to replace the current home-made video with a professional moving image video. We also have permission from a kennels to film. This will make the video as professionally produced as the song is, and will give more strength to the campaign.

This campaign could make such a difference to death row dogs in UK pounds. Please help us to get the word out there, please tell all your friends, watch the video, and download the song here: Song for Dogs If anyone has any enquiries please email

Thank you

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