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Appeal to raise funds for Frank and Bella's Treatment

Image: Frank

05/07/2012 - UPDATE: Tragically after what appeared to be a slight improvement, our baby Frank lost his fight today. We have all prayed he would find the strength but it was just too much for him. We would like to thank everyone who has made a donation to help and just wish we could have updated you with good news.

We are currently appealing for help to cover the costs for lovely Frank (pictured right) and the late Bella's vet bills. Bella suddenly and tragically became ill at the start of the week and passed away and lovely Frank is currently at the vets with what we believe is the same illness, fighting for his life.

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We received a list of 10 dogs the week before last that were on a put to sleep list and desperately needed help. Although we had the kennel space to be able to take a few dogs we unfortunately as usual didn't have the funds so we put out an appeal being desperate to help these poor dogs in some way.

A couple of our forum members very kindly offered to sponsor the kennelling for 5 dogs and we took 3 in on Wednesday 20th June and 2 in on Thursday 21st June.

All were lovely happy friendly dogs who really did deserve a chance and we were so happy that with help we were able to help them.

On Sunday Bella became ill with a bit of a tummy upset which we weren't too concerned about as it is quite common for the dogs to get tummy upsets with the stress of a recent move, change of food, kennel environment etc. and on Monday she seemed to have perked up and was much better. On Tuesday morning though it becaume obvious that she wasn't very well and we rushed her to the vets where they gave her an anti-sickness injection, anti-biotics and sent her back to the kennels. We were still very concerned about her though as she wsn't able to drink so we whisked her off back to the vets where they put her on a drip and kept her in. We were devastated to be told on Wednesday morning that she had passed away overnight.

Unfortunately this morning Frank our 6 month old lad is showing the same symptoms as Bella and we have had to rush him to the emergency vets

The vets treating Frank have suggested that with the ongoing cost of his treatment and with us being a rescue it may be that pts is an option but that's not why we are here. Frank deserves a chance!

Please, please, please if you can help us at all by donating towards the vets fees we would really appreciate it.

We do not yet know the cost of Bella's treatment; and currently Frank's treatment is over £1100. Poor Frank is still in at the vets awaiting signs of improvement.

As we are possibly dealing with something contagious this means that we can take no more dogs in at the moment nor let any of the current dogs leave until we are sure - which will mean increased costs for us and a higher cost that dogs we may have been able to help could be put to sleep.

We know our supporters always help us when they can - all donations will really help us to keep going and of course if you can spare young Frank any good thoughts they will be gratefully recieved.

Payment Options

If you have any queries or would like to donate via another method please do Contact Us.

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