Bates (now named Duggie): His Story

Bates the Jack Russell looking for a sponsor

Bates/Duggie is a young Jack Russell who found his way into the pound and was not reclaimed. On arrival at the pound he was very withdrawn and frightened. In the first few days, he made several attempts to nip the staff when they fed him or attempted to stroke him. As the 7 days drew on, he settled a little and began to get to know them. He would allow his back to be stroked, but any attempt to touch his head or chest would result in him trying to defend himself with a bite. However, by the end of the week Bates/Duggle was playing ball and enjoying interacting with people, although he was clearly wary of men.

We believe that every dog coming through the pound has the right to assessment before any decision is made about its future, and a local rescue offered him a space with full assessment if he could be vaccinated before arrival.

Bates/Duggie had behaved well in the boarding kennels and had particularly taken to one of the female staff. He was still snappy, but if approached sensibly he would allow her to handle him and pick him up. Bernie returned to collect Bates/Duggie who seemed happy to see her and jumped willingly into the car and took him to the vet for his vaccinations. Sadly the stress of the situation caused Bates/Duggie to become snappy again and it was impossible to vaccinate him: the decision was made for him to return to the boarding kennels whilst discussions about his future were held.

When Bernie arrived back at the kennels Bates/Duggie was a happy little chap wagging his tail and excited to see familiar faces. Further talks with the kennel staff that have spent time with Bates/Duggie gave us some clues about his behaviour. It is felt that he had perhaps been kicked and abused around his head and chest area. He was extremely protective of this area, but as long as no attempt to touch his head or chest was made, he was happy to be stroked, fussed, enjoys playing ball, and was a funny little character.

Update 14.08.06
Upon returning to the boarding kennels Bates was renamed Duggie, which he became used to and responded to readily. Ttouch, massage and other gentle non threatening methods of handling were been introduced and Duggie showed very good progress.

Duggie grew particularly close to a couple of female staff, and although still a little wary of men he became more accepting of all people, and really enjoyed a game of ball or a stroke.

Update 30.08.06
Duggie was neutered today and was a gem at the vets! A small grumble on arrival, but no sign of the distresed and snappy dog from weeks ago. His neutering went well, and he's now safely back at the boarding kennels recovering.

And the best news of all is that Duggie has a rescue space to move to on Friday 1st September! It's the dream we've all been hoping for, and we couldn't be happier for him. The rescue concerned have foster carers experienced with traumatised and difficult dogs and if it felt appropriate after assessment, Duggie may move to a foster home where he is sure to continue making strides forward.

Update 02.09.06
On Friday 1st September Bernie collected Duggie from the boarding kennels. He was pleased to see her, recognising a friendly face from her previous visits. Bernie says:

"He jumped into the car and allowed me to clip him in. He was as good as gold on the journey, kept putting his paws up on the window for a look outside, then came over several times to put his paws up over the hammock at the side of me and I gave him little pats and strokes as well as I could whilst driving. Not a grumble nor a snarl, just interest and a waggy tail."

Bernie drove Duggie all the way to rescue, and when she handed him over he trotted off without a backward glance. He had a little difficulty settling in to new faces and new routines at first, but familiarity and reassurance will we're sure, win over. We hope to have more news soon!

We hope to bring you updates from time to time, you will be able to link to this page from the Give Us a Home page, Dogs in Rescues in the Midlands.

Update 21.09.06
The latest update on Duggie has brought a smile to our faces. After an initial unsettled few days, adjusting to the change of scenery and people Duggie adapted quickly and began to find his feet again. A little wariness of the new faces was quickly overcome by his need for attention and affection, and within days Duggie was openly accepting hugs and close cuddles, even accepting touching around the chest and neck area that had previously been such a problem.

His progress has been so fantastic, that he has a home offer with a knowledgeable JRT owner. If all continues to go well with the introductions Duggie may well soon be snuggled up on is very own sofa with his very own human. We'll keep you posted!

Our special thanks go to Irene, Clare and everyone at the boarding kennels where Duggie spent so much time. Without their hard work he would never have reached a stage of being able to move on to rescue. And of course to everyone at Huncote Rescue Centre in Leicestershire, for seeing beyond Duggie's initial problems and offering him the chance of finding a new home. Thank you all.

Update 28.04.07
We are overjoyed to let you know that Duggie is now very happy in his forever home. Thank you again to all those who helped Duggie on his journey from pound to home.

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