Paddock Appeal

for the Rochdale Dog Rescue kennel dogs

At Rochdale Dog Rescue our main aim is finding homes for the dogs at a local stray dog kennels who are at risk of being put to sleep if they are not claimed after 7 days.

Once the dogs are signed over into our care, they arrive at our emergency boarding kennels, where they will spend at least a few weeks being assessed, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped etc before being ready to start looking for their new homes. For many of the dogs we come in the time they spend with us is much longer.

The kennels are really good and the dogs have the best of care and have regular walks every day but due to the land not being fully secure and grazing livestock in the vicinity they are walked on a lead for safety reasons.

We have been thinking how lovely it would be for the dogs to be able to have some off lead playtime in a safe and secure environment - it would be great to run off some energy, playing games, and allowing the dogs to have a bit of free time. We can work with recall training and dog socialisation too with the new enclosure. Its benefits both mentally and physically for the dogs would be fantastic.

For a dog like our long term resident Max this would be lovely - he has recently started to do agility with a local dog trainer which he loves and this would enable us to continue to do this during the week with him.

Here are some of our longer term current residents who would love a fully secure enclosure to play in... from left to right Max, Isla and Benji.

The quotation for the materials required for a 20m by 20m secure grassed enclosure is currently estimated to cost approximately £2384.50.

Please can you help us to build this paddock that would make the dogs time in kennels happier by making a donation?

We are running this appeal seperately from our normal fundraisers - if you would like to make a donation please click on the link below, highlighting it is for the "Paddock Appeal".

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