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Tia was moved from the pound to Warrington Animal Welfare in February 2006. She was a beautiful, if rather overweight Rottie girl, with a wonderful temperament and a love of people.

Tia very quickly drew attention from people who met her. She would lean against their legs as if to say "well, give me hugs then" or she’d roll on her back and wait for belly rubs. She had the softest nature and was a firm favourite with everyone at the WAW kennels. During her time in rescue Tia proved herself to be very good with children, especially at washing their faces. She was a little dominant with other dogs, but did enjoy their company. Unbelievably though, by the end of March Tia was still waiting for her forever home.

On 30th March we learned that Tia was not well. Her eyes were sore and weepy, and despite drops were not improving. It was then noticed that her forehead was swollen. Tia was taken back to the vet for further investigations, where it was discovered that Tia had a brain tumour, and the decision was made to let her go. She was put to sleep on Thursday 30th March 2006 being cuddled by WAW’s Chairperson. Although Tia never found her forever home, she was adored in the kennels by staff and volunteers alike. There cannot be a more fitting tribute than these words from one of WAW’s dedicated volunteers:

Despite being in considerable pain and confusion…"Tia has continued to show her true colours - a gentle, loving, patient girlie - the sweetest nature, the most cuddly, worthy, fat-bottom girl ever to grace the planet...
Tia was a lovely girl, very special to all of us. She was a gentle, sweet natured girl. Everyone who met Tia fell in love with her. She loved everyone, and was great with children. She was a big fat lazy girl who wanted nothing more than cuddles and cream cakes from life.
Sadly, Tia never found her forever home, but she has found a loving forever home in the hearts of all of us who met her."

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